A Little Introduction


Well hello everyone! My name is Eva Noxon and welcome to my blog! I was born and raised in the great state of Texas I have lived in the Austin area for nearly half of my life now. I have traveled to about 40 states and various cities and I can confidently say that Austin, Texas is one of the most entertaining, vibrant cities in the United States. There is no shortage of culture, food, music, art, outdoor activities and history in this awesome city.

In this blog I hope to show you Austin through my own eyes. Hopefully you will absorb all of my love and enthusiasm through the words and pictures I post here. I hope this is a place you can come to use as a guide to help you enjoy all of the culture that living in (or even visiting!) Austin has to offer. Whether you just moved here, are visiting on vacation or even if you are an Austin native, you will be able to benefit from my various experiences and advice. Just consider me your friend from Austin.


A little about me: I am 22 years old and currently attending Texas State University to obtain my degree in public relations. I am a musician, artist, writer, traveler, cat lover and most importantly for this blog…an Austinite! You can find me relaxing out by barton springs with a book in hand or at the Broken Spoke sipping a shiner beer and listening to some Texas swing. I live in southwest Austin nestled in the hill country and I love to explore the beauty of my backyard. Come explore it with me!

Thank you so much for visiting. I hope you stick around to see what adventures are to come!


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